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Software Updates
Please note: These updates are intended for registered users of our software and are of no use to you unless you have a registered version of the product.

Application update files are either 'Program Install' (Install), Self Extracting Zip (SE Zip) or Zip files, as noted.
NOTE: Your Operating System or Firewall may restrict downloading of 'exe' files.

Installation steps for 'Program Install' and SE Zip files are similar:
Click the 'Download' button for the file and
  a. Select 'Run' or
  b. 'Save' the file on your computer, e.g, to your desktop.
     Double click the desktop icon.
For 'Program Updates', select the option(s) for your installation, as you did during original installation;
For SE Zips, select 'Unzip'. After the file(s) have been unzipped, click 'Close'.

Verify that the update has been correctly applied.
     (This usually entails checking both the program and data version info shown at the bottom of the Main Menu.)

If you saved the download to your computer, once you've verified that the install is AOK, delete the file or move it to an archive media.
Application Item Type Size
Dispatch Program UPDATE (ver 2.1) Install 0.9 Mb Download file
Humanities Program INSTALL (ver 2.18.14) Install 5.6 Mb Download file
Program UPDATE (ver 2.18.14) Install 1.4 Mb Download file
MRR Reference ScaleCalc INSTALL (ver 1.1.0) Install 3.0 Mb Download file
ScaleCalc UPDATE (ver 1.1.0) Install 0 Mb
SpeedTimer INSTALL (ver 1.0.2) Install 3.4 Mb Download file
SpeedTimer UPDATE (ver 1.0.2) Install 0 Kb
MSTS Routes OnOff Program INSTALL (ver 1.15) Install 1.3 Mb Download file
ShadeShop Program INSTALL (ver 2.49.1) Install 9.0 Mb Download file
Program UPDATE (ver 2.49.1) Install 1.7 Mb Download file
User's manual PDF 1.5 Mb View file
Learning to use ShadeShop PDF 193 Kb View file
Install / Update Help document
  Info about, and screen shots of, the install and update processes.
PDF 1.2 Mb View file
Support Files Type Size
HelpDesk.   Used by our IT staff to provide remote assistance.
  Normally installed during the application install.
Install 3.8 Mb Download file
7-Zip archive program.   Applet used to archive (zip) and restore (unzip) data sets.
  Normally installed during the application install.
Install 11 Mb Download file
Bullzip PDF Publisher.   Applet used to 'print' reports to a pdf file.
  Normally installed during the application install.
Install 14 Mb Download file
SMTP applet.   Used by our applications to dispatch email via SMTP server.
  Normally installed during the application install.
Install 1 Mb Download file
Visit Microsoft's Download Center to get latest version of support files
  MDAC (MS Data Access Component) files (search keyword: mdac)
  Script Host (search keyword: script)
    There are different versions for Win 98, Me, NT & XP, 2K
Link MS Downloads
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